The Etheric Temple of the 4 Goddesses Activation

This attunement will activate crystalline particles in your DNA to help restore your Divine Blueprint; destroying illusions about yourself, healing and transmuting old imprints from this lifetime or past lives. Giving you strength, courage and self empowerment based on the Pure Love of the Divine Feminine. With the force of four beautiful goddesses: Sekhmet as the supreme healer; Durga as the supreme strength who defeated evil; Kali as the supreme destroyer of illusions and ego and Brigid as the supreme master purifier. In the manual there is important information about the four goddesses, their invocations, the etheric temples and the activation symbol. 

                               Price: US $ 44.00

Ganesha Reiki

Ganesha is the guardian of the Leonine's portal. In a very special way, he delivered his request to develop a Reiki attunement process, invoking his name and the use of some symbols that will help the individual with the removal of obstacles, new beginnings and prosperity along with tapping into your Higher energy field for further spiritual enlightenment. In the manual there is important information about Ganesha, his invocation, his mantras, his yantra and the Ganesha Reiki symbols. 

                             Price US $ 33.00

Morgarite Cosmic Essence Activation

This activation will enhance your psychic abilities, deepen your connection with your cosmic family and friends and will help you to ground and cope better with the intense energies of the Ascension Process, ideal for all star seeds who have been struggling with harsh and difficult emotions nowadays. With the force and magic of Morgan Le Fey the supreme goddess and sorceress; Labradorite the shaman's stone; and Moldavite as the supreme ET and metaphysical stone. The manual contains information, history facts, numerology vibration and the activation symbol.

 Price: US $ 44.00

Ho-Tei Sun Reiki

This also known as The Attunement of Joy combines the energy of laughing Buddha and the sunflower essence, for people who is struggling with depression, sadness and/or feel themselves under the weather.  This energy was channeled at the same time in partnership with Lourdes from Bluealchemy.   Laughing Buddha have gifted us with this refreshing and uplifting energy to experience the purest joy and bliss for our inner empowerment. In the manual there is information about the sunflower essence HoTei, his mantra, history facts and the HoTei Sun reiki symbol.  

 Price: US $ 33.00

Durga Cosmic Reiki


Goddess Durga is regarded as the goddess of empowerment and strength.  She represents feminine energy when it is at its most powerful. She defeated evil when everybody else couldn't do it.  The upgrade of this attunement was channeled to heal starseeds who have been dealing with post trauma syndrome due to abductions, surgical procedures, and/or have implant in their energetic bodies done by aliens that don't come from the Light.‚Äč In the manual there is important information about Maha Durga, her mantras, her yantra and the Durga Cosmic Reiki symbol. 


 Value: US $ 44.00



 Leonine Healing Attunements

Lately we have been guided to offer distant attunements, to help light workers in areas of the different aspects of self. The ones presented in this section have been channeled through the Divine Guidance of different deities here in the Leonine Healing quarters! For each attunement you will receive the manual via email, one distant attunement that can be received through the call in method (chi-ball) or in real time (please check time differences prior to receive the attunement). You will also receive an email certificate which will be sent to you on completion of your attunement. On going support is available before, during and after the attunement is done.

The Web of Light 

Reiki System

Grandmother Spider channeled this reiki system in partnership with Lourdes of Bluealchemy. This system will forever link you to the Web of Light through the teachings of Grandmother Spide, the Creatix of the Universe. When Spider shows up in your life it means that it is time to rebuild the web of your reality in accordance with the design the Creator gave us.

Level One attunement is open to everyone, and there are no pre-requisites.

Level 2 Practitioner Level

Level 3 Master Level 

 Web Of Light Reiki System (3 Levels)

Special Launching Price US$80.00