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About  Web of Light Reiki System

The Web of Light Reiki System is the updated name. To clarify this change, this system is still intrinsically based on the teachings of Grandmother Spider known as the Creatix of the Universe. In simple terms, the essence of life which is Love. Grandmother Spider represents the web of light in mythological form. This is because for some people it is hard to understand the abstract concept of a web of light. Grandmother Spider is a consciousness. Represents the Crone aspect of the Goddess which is knowledge and ancient wisdom from the first grandparents, and ancestors.  Since we are already on the new energy and some of us resonate with it. We embrace those that are still vibrating with the old ways and are moving into the new. Whatever way works for the recipient to link itself to the amazing energy of creation. 
She is the spiritual conduit of this reiki system, and while it can be understood as a way of worshipping or fearing (to those who experience aracnophobia) the mythological aspect, this takes away entirely the reason and purpose of being of this energy.  That’s why through Her instructions we changed the name to the Web of Light Reiki System, because Grandmother Spider is only an aspect of it.  She represents the myth.


Gifts with Meaning: Leonine Healing Charms

Custom hand made Leonine Healing Charms! Made with Love with different crystal stones, for different motives; please inquire so we can attune into your needs and design a unique charm for you! Infused with different Reiki energies, and offered in the altar of Leonine Healing prior to send it! Shipping costs are included in the price within  the continental US.  


Special  price US$ 16.00/per charm

Outer Time Sessions: Accessing the
Akashic Records

These sessions are designed to search for soul contracts, look for soul retrievals,  find the connections with your cosmic family, soul's cluster, and to find the origin of  the repetition of karmic lessons, among other subjects.  The sessions are conducted on the highest vibrations; the procedure was channeled by The Leonine Healing Team, to ensure that karma and dharma wont be altered. These sessions are a great tool to help the individual to keep ascending, to transmute karma and to know more about the dynamics of inner and outer time.


Price US$ 80.00

Cosmic Portal Activation 12-12-2017

When: Tuesday December 12th, 2017
​ Time: 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT
 By Bluealchemy and Leonine Healing ©
Channeled by Lourdes Garcia and Clara Mariaka

Join us in our last event of this incredible year! As the year is ending, we will share the space to receive Galactic Light Codes through the portal that will be open on 12-12 where many Light Beings will gather and channel the cosmic energies of Love and Light.  A fire ceremony will be conducted to aim the assimilation of the different energies.  If you can't be online at the specific time, you can call upon the activation at your earliest convenience. The transmission of the Light Codes, come from the highest and purest consciousness of Unconditional Love. 
Looking forward to share with all of you this sacred event.  Always in Love and Light (=^.^=)
​Lourdes and Clara

​​Energy Exchange US$8.00          Individual Feedback US$12.00


*Leonine Healing and other holistic modalities that are described in this website do not diagnose conditions,  prescribe substances or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Leonine Healing is not a substitute for sound medical or psychiatric care.

​* No refunds. Credit good for 9 months from date of purchase. 

In loving memory...

Honoring the friendship and sisterhood that I share with my friend Carol I am offering on a donation basis remote healing sessions for patients with terminal illnesses/imbalances, allowing them to experience emotional, mental and spiritual support in their journey. Please include the full name and birthday with your donation.  Namaste! 

December Specials!