After the energetic shift of 2012, Clara started to get visitations from beings from other dimensions and star systems. One of these is a race of Lion and Feline Beings from the Lyra, Sirius, and Pleiades constellations. It was through their Divine Guidance that Leonine Healing was inspired and created. These beings, including a group of nine lion-beings, are here to help restore the Divine Blueprint of every soul through toning, Language Of Light, and incorporating diverse holistic modalities, helping humankind to anchor the vibration of Christ consciousness and unconditional love.


Clara was born in the Maya highlands of Guatemala into a highly sensitive family. Her natural gifts were noticed as a child when she began talking to animals, seeing and hearing elementals, spirits, and deceased loved ones. She also exhibited the gift of interpreting dreams. Clara started to study the metaphysical world since her college years. She has traveled extensively through North and South America learning different cultures' energy work and healing modalities, such as; Tarot, Mediumship, Astrology, Past-lives, Chanting, Herbs, Crystals, and Chakra healing. She channels Angels, Guides, and Interdimensional Beings. She has been mentored by powerful and amazing international teachers. She is certified in Reiki, IET® Master Instructor, as a Crystal Energist®, ACP®, and Akashic Records reader, among others. She helps with relationships, animal communication, past lives, and karmic issues. Clara has combined her abilities into a relaxed, compassionate and non-judgmental discipline in service of the integral health, balance, and wellness of others. She is fluent in English and Spanish.